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Each content collection offers a comprehensive selection of video clips covering a range of key concepts and topics within an academic discipline. Collections may be licensed separately based on the specific needs of your department or campus, or purchase a Full Subscription. For pricing information, click here.

Adult Basic Education
Comprehensive Adult Basic Education collection includes all 61 original videos from the nationally-recognized series Crossroads Café, On Common Ground, Madison Heights and Lifelines. Print List [PDF]

Covering a range of critical health issues such as addictions, STDs, managed care, cancer, heart disease, nutrition, stress, death and dying, and more. Cross disciplines include Allied Health, Family and Consumer Science, Physical Education. Print List [PDF]

Covering U.S. History - from early exploration to the Republican resurgence and the age of globalization. Expert interviews, dramatic recreations, and archival footage bring learning to life. Print List [PDF]

The Luminaries collection comprises nearly 1,000 in-depth interview segments across a range of academic disciplines from authors, researchers, scholars, and others whose work has changed the world. Included in all Full Subscriptions. Print List [PDF]

Topic-specific segments covering the marine environment as a unique and important part of life on earth. Cross-disciplines include Earth Sciences, Biology, Environmental Studies. Print List [PDF]

Core content offering in-depth analysis of the wisdom of the Western world using writings of past philosophers and expert interviews from pre-eminent scholars and philosophers. Print List [PDF]

Political Science
A comprehensive and up-to-date collection of key political science topics, both historic and contemporary. Featured experts include James Baker, Robert Reich, Paula McClain. Cross-disciplines include US History, Civic Education. Print List [PDF]

Interviews, computer graphics and animation, and real-life case studies introduce key concepts and principles and provide an up-to-date look at the evolving science of psychology. Cross disciplines include Biology, Anatomy, Linguistics. Print List [PDF]

Content covering key topics and issues such as gender stratification, education, aging, work and the economy, groups and organizations, deviance, social movements, and more. Cross disciplines include Business, Economics, Education. Print List [PDF]
Environmental Studies
Focusing on governmental processes, health effects of hazardous materials, ecology, the environmental compartments, occupational safety and health, waste, and more. Case study applications focus on industry-specific solution to waste stream management. Print List [PDF]