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Designed for both college and high school, Earth Revealed introduces students to Earth’s dynamic interacting systems, showing how they relate to the development of life and how they help us unlock the secrets of our environment.

Beginning with the early stages of the Earth’s formation, these 20 episodes span the history of Earth’s evolution from the movement of the continents to the development of mountains and valleys. They cover the formation of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock as well as the evolution of volcanos, deserts, glaciers, beaches and coasts.

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Topics Covered in Earth Revealed:

1. The Birth of Theory traces the origins of the concepts of continental drift and sea floor spreading, and discusses their contributions to plate tectonics theory.

2. Geologic Time helps students gain a sense of the vast amount of time over which geologic processes have been a work.

3. Earth's Limited Resources discusses various resources that are used to provide energy for our human population.

4. Earth's Interior illustrates how seismic waves occur, and explains the measurement of gravity, heat flow, and earth magnetism, to provide information about Earth's interior.

5. The Sea Floor studies major sea-floor features, including the mid-oceanic ridge, oceanic trenches, and fracture zones.

6. Mountain Building & Continents shows how the major mountain belts and continents have evolved over time.

7. Earthquakes explores the nature and consequences of earthquakes, the factors that cause quakes , their location and characteristics.

8. Living Through an Earthquake offers a comprehensive look at the origins, classifications and uses of mineral found on Earth.

9. Minerals offers a comprehensive look at the origins, classifications and uses of minerals found on Earth.

10. Sedimentary Rocks illustrates the importance of sedimentary rocks in understanding the nature of Earth's surface.

11. Metamorphic Rocks studies the causative factors of metamorphism and identifies the kinds of rocks produced through the metamorphic process.

12. Intrusive Igneous Rocks unveils the rock-forming processes of magmas that do not reach Earth's surface, but instead solidify underground.

13. Volcanism explains how volcanoes are formed, and assesses the importance of volcanic activity to Earth's geology and climate.

14. Ground Water show how ground water is distributed, and assesses its importance to human life.

15. Running Water analyzes the role of running water in sculpting Earth's surface, discusses tectonic and hydrologic cycles, and identifies the roles human activity can play in impacting flood danger.

16. Weathering demonstrates how minerals and rocks change when subjected to the physical and chemical conditions that exist on Earth's surface.

17. Mass Wasting studies the causes, types and effects of mass wasting.

18. Deserts addresses she formation and location of deserts, and identifies their geologic features.

19.Glaciers presents the properties of glaciers, and assesses their importance in sculpting Earth's surface.

20. Waves, Beaches & Coasts demonstrates the crucial role that waves play in affecting coastal land forms.

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