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A New Approach to Learning English For
Speakers of Other Languages

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Crossroads Café is a "dramedy" - both drama and comedy -26 compelling episodes centered around six likable characters and a neighborhood café. Crossroads Café is a warm, friendly spot in the city where many paths cross. It's a familiar kind of place where people similar to many ESL learners experience the humor and pathos of everyday life, meet challenges, face obstacles, aspire, achieve...and continually learn about themselves and others as their lives intersect.

Two Video Sidebars enrich each episode: Culture Clips, a documentary-style segment focusing on the story's cultural issues...and Word Play, a colorful animated segment that demonstrates appropriate language for communicating specific types of information.

FACT: Nearly 14 million US Adults Need to Learn English.

  • Only one in eight limited-English speakers receives ESL instruction.
  • Learners may have to wait up to two years for class instruction.
  • Most states cannot solve this problem by adding more ESL teachers and classrooms.
  • And many learners simply do not have time flexibility, child care or transportation to attend traditional ESL classes.
  • We need an efficient, cost-effective means to reach the 12 million who cannot be served by existing systems and who need or want to learn English.

ALSO A FACT: Crossroads Café Is An Effective Solution.

Crossroads Café is an ideal learning tool - for the home, workplace, community center or school. Easily accessible, highly flexible, interactive...Crossroads Café can be used virtually anywhere there is a VCR, a television and a pencil. Just give learners access to the program and as much or as little structure as desired. The program works with or without instructors, language labs, classrooms or group meetings, with or without support services such as an 800 telephone help line.

Crossroads Café Teaches Dynamically and Engagingly.

Learners can use Crossroads Café when it is most convenient for them, progress at their own speed and work at their own level of proficiency. Learners enjoy watching the video series over and over as they advance through the different levels of challenge in the print materials. With each new chapter in the lives of the Crossroads Café characters, the language lesson provide an integrated experience of listening, reading and writing along with follow-up exercises in speaking. Crossroads Café lessons emphasize language communications skills, not rote repetition of vocabulary. Learners are encouraged to use higher order thinking to look for layers of meaning, and to use context in developing vocabulary skills.

National Academic Council

K. Lynn Savage, an internationally respected leader in adult ESL education and curriculum design, is the principal Academic Advisor for Crossroads Café. Other renowned ESL educators on the Council who worked with her in guiding the program's development are:

Fiona Armstrong, Office of Adult and Continuing Education, New York City Board of Education

Yvonne Cadiz, Adult and Community Education Program, Hillsborough County Public Schools FL

Chela Gonzales, Metropolitan Adult Education Program (CA)

Chip Harman, United States Information Agency, Washington, DC

Edwina Hoffman, Dade County Public Schools (FL)

Inaam Nansoor, Arlington Education and Employment Program (VA)

Mary McMullin, Long Beach School; for Adults (CA)

Pat Mooney Gonzales, Office of Adult Education Resource Management, New York State Department of Education

Maggie Steinz, Illinois Sate Board of Education

Dennis Terdy, Adult Learning Resource Center (IL)

Fortune Valenty, Perth Amboy Public Schools (NJ)

Kathleen Santopietro Wedded, National ESL: Consultant, Colorado Department of Education.

Over 5 million dollars and the collaboration of
four states facilitated the production of
Crossroads Café.

26 Video Series on DVD: $1,50000
(additional sets of 26 Video series $25000)

Levels I and II

13 Video Series on DVD: $79500
(additional sets of 13 Video series $12500)

Print Pack A (for Videos 1-13):
25 Worktexts A, 25 Photo Stories A and 1 Teacher Resource Guide A $70875

Print Pack B (for Videos 13-26):
25 Worktexts B, 25 Photo Stories B and 1 Teacher Resource Guide B $70875

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Donor states: Florida, California, New York and Illinois, call for special pricing.

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