Endorsed by the National Right to Read Foundation

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P.O. Box 10337
Burke, Virginia 22009
(703) 425-5388

April 24, 1993

Linda Eversole, President
HEC Software Inc.
3471 South 550 West
Bountiful, Utah 84010

Dear Linda:

We are pleased to notify you that Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself has been endorsed by the National Right to Read Foundation as an exemplary instructional program for teaching children and adults to read.

The success of Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself in teaching the skill of reading is a precious gift to all those who have been locked out of society's mainstream because of illiteracy. You have made a significant impact nationally on how children are taught to read, and the response of the American people clearly indicates you are succeeding.

In our review of your program, we have used the following criteria: is it supported by experimental research; is the instructional approach direct and systematic; are the reading skills taught in the order of difficulty students have in learning them; is the phonetic system taught in a specific sequence; is adequate practice provided at each step to ensure that the principles being taught are thoroughly learned; are letter sounds taught in isolation; is the blending of the sounds of the letters taught; is the phonetic system taught in its entirety; and finally, does the individual learn to read using your system of phonetic teaching instruction? Based on our assessment, you meet and exceed these requirements. While no one need tell you, your program is academically sound -- the results speak for themselves.

According to the U.S. Department of Education (Wills, 1986), "about 25% of high school students drop out before graduation and of those who do graduate, over 30% are illiterate. Thus, we are apparently teaching only somewhat over one half of today's students to read." The continued problem of illiteracy is an enormous one, but you have made a very significant contribution to solving one of America's greatest unmet needs. Congratulations on your achievement. We wish you continued success as you pursue the goal of eliminating illiteracy in America.


Robert W. Sweet, Jr.