Basic Mathematics Interactive Video Tutor

CD 1 Whole Numbers

Place Value, Addition, Subtraction and Rounding

1 Whole Number Terms

2 Adding Whole Numbers

3 Properties of Addition

4 Adding Whole Numbers in Columns

5 Subtracting Whole Numbers

6 Addition and Subtraction Applications

7 Rounding Whole Numbers on a Number Line

8 Rounding Whole Numbers

Multiplication and Order of Operations

1 Properties of Multiplication

2 Multiplying Whole Numbers

3 Multiplication Applications

4 Introduction to Exponents

5 The Order of Operations


1 Properties of Division

2 Long Division with and without Remainders

3 Division Applications


1 Estimating Sums

2 Estimating Products and Quotients

3 Estimation Applications

Factors and Multiples

1 Whole Numbers as Products of Prime Numbers

2 Greatest Common Factor

3 Least Common Multiple

CD 2 Fractions

Equivalent Fractions, Lowest Terms, Comparing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

1 Introduction to Fractions

2 Comparing Fractions

3 Visualizing Fractions

4 Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Multiplication and Division

1 Multiplying Fractions

2 Dividing Fractions

3 Multiplying and Dividing Mixed Numbers

4 Multiplication and Division Applications of Fractions

Least Common Denominator, Addition and Subtraction

1 Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions

2 Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions

3 Addition and Subtraction Applications of Fractions

Real World Applications of Fractions

1 Perimeter and Area

2 Fraction Applications I

3 Fraction Applications II

CD 3 Decimals & Ratio and Proportion

Decimals - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Rounding

1 Understanding Decimal Numbers

2 Adding and Subtracting Decimals

3 Multiplying Decimals

4 Rounding Decimals

5 Decimal Applications

Decimals - Division, Converting to Fractions

1 Dividing Decimals 2 Decimal Division Applications

3 Converting Fractions to Decimals and Decimals to Fractions

Ratio and Proportion - Fundamentals of Ratios and Proportions

1 Units and Ratios

2 Rates

3 Proportions

4 Finding an Unknown in a Proportion

Ratio and Proportion Applications of Proportions

1 Applications of Proportions I

2 Applications of Proportions II

CD 4 Percent

Converting Among Fractions, Decimals and Percents

1 The Definition of Percent

2 Percent and Decimal Conversions

3 Converting Percents to Equivalent Fractions and Mixed Numbers

4 Converting Fractions and Mixed Numbers to Percents

5 Percent Applications

Real World Applications of Percents

1 Percent Applications using Equations

2 Percent of Increase or Decrease

Using Percents in Everyday Situations

1 Converting Common Percents to Fractions

2 Finding Percents by Moving the Decimal Point

3 Finding Percentages by Multiplying or using Common Fractions

4 Calculating 10%, 15% and 20% of Rounded Quantities

5 Estimating Percent Discounts

6 More Percent Applications

CD 5 Measurement

U.S. Customary System

1 Length, Capacity and Weight

2 Unit Fractions

3 Adding and Subtracting Customary Units

Metric System

1 The Metric Prefixes and Metric Unit Fractions

2 Using a Table to Convert Metric Units

Customary and Metric System Conversions

1 Units of Capacity

2 Units of Length

3 Units of Mass

CD 6 Geometry & Statistics and Probability

Geometry - Lines, Angles and Triangles

1 Geometry Terms

2 Angles and Triangles

3 Right Triangles

4 Similar Triangles and Applications

Geometry - Perimeter, Area and Volume

1 Perimeter and Circumference

2 Area

3 Volume

Statistics - Graphs and Charts

1 Pictographs, Bar Graphs and Line Graphs

2 Circle Graphs 3 Histograms

Statistics - Mean, Median and Mode and Organizing Data

1 Mean, Median, Mode and Range

2 Stem-and-Leaf Plots and Box-and-Whisker Plots

3 Scatterplots

Probability - Introduction to Probability

1 Tree Diagrams

2 Probability

CD 7 Signed Numbers and Exponents

Operations on Signed Numbers

1 Adding Signed Numbers

2 Subtracting Signed Numbers

3 Multiplying Signed Numbers

4 Dividing Signed Numbers

The Order of Operations and Signed Numbers

1 Order of Operations I

2 Order of Operations II

3 Order of Operations III

Using Exponents

1 Evaluating Exponential Expressions with Signed Numbers

2 The Product Rule for Exponents I

3 The Product Rule for Exponents II

4 The Quotient Rule for Exponents

5 Zero Exponents

Exponent Rules and Radicals

1 The Power Rule for Exponents

2 The Power Rule for Products

3 The Power Rule for Quotients

4 Square Roots and Radical Notation

5 Higher Order Roots and Radical Notation

CD 8 Introduction to Algebra

Variables and Like Terms

1 Variables

2 The Substitution Property

3 The Substitution Property and Formulas

4 Collecting Like Terms

Solving Equations

1 The Distributive Property

2 Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations

3 Solving Multiplication and Division Equations

4 Mixed Equation Practice

Applications of Linear Equations

1 Turning Phrases into Mathematical Expressions

2 Applications of Linear Equations I

3 Applications of Linear Equations II