The AceMath Algebra I series is designed to assess students' understanding of Algebra concepts and gradually guide them through the learning process. This series is divided into 16 chapters which are then divided into lessons. Each lesson is further divided into learning objectives. To gain the maximum benefit from this series, students should utilize all of the learning tools as follows:

    Print the Study Guide pages.

    Work the Pre-assessment test prior to beginning each lesson to determine skill level and understanding of the topics covered.

    Begin the Video Lesson as prompted based on the pre-assessment results.

    Work through the video lesson. Use the study guide as a means to take notes, follow along with worked examples, and work additional practice problems.

    Work the Practice Problems for each objective.

    Take the Post-Test

    Review scores

Study Guides are a series of workbooks that follow along with the video lessons. They provide a place for fill in the blank notes and solving problems while viewing the video. Study guides also contain additional problems used to reinforce each lesson.

Pre-assessments are available for each lesson to determine students' skill level and understanding of the topics covered prior to beginning lessons. Like each lesson, pre-assessment questions gradually increase in difficulty with concepts that build upon one another. The goal of the pre-assessment is to determine at which place students should begin study of a particular lesson. When students answer a pre-assessment question incorrectly, they will be prompted to go to the video to receive an explanation about how to work through problems similar to the one they missed. At that point, students may then continue trying to answer the pre-assessment questions or go straight to the video. As in all pre-assessments, students may not score well since they have yet to have exposure to the lesson. Post-tests will provide a means to determine students' comprehension of the topics once they have the opportunity to work through each lesson.

Video Lessons featuring over 22 hours of video instruction

Practice Problems are available at the end of each learning objective. They contain useful strategies that guide students to solving the questions on their own. These practice problems contain steps with explanations for students who may need additional assistance in solving each question. The steps with explanations are viewed one step at a time in an incremental manner. The steps may be viewed after an incorrect answer before attempting to answer the question again.

Post-Tests are given at the end of each lesson. Post-Tests are similar to practice problems, however; they do not contain strategies. Results of the Post-Tests are maintained to track student performance. Although students may go back to work Post-Tests any number of times, the initial test results are maintained in the database. The Post-Tests also include steps with explanations, but they may not be viewed prior to answering the question.

Once students complete a lesson, students and teachers may review their performance by clicking on the Chapter Pre-Assessment and Post-Test Scores button on the main menu. Although students may try to answer questions many times, this tutorial captures results on the students' initial attempt at answering questions.

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